Tranquility by HeHe's goal is to provide an exclusive experience to our clients, offering standard and a la carte options designed to pamper and prepare for the beautiful birthing experience. Tranquility by HeHe strives to provide multifaceted support to make you confident in the power of your body and remain peaceful and relaxed. 

The packages below were designed based on common needs of expectant parents. All packages have flexibility to ensure you are getting an individualized experience that is conducive to your needs. Tranquility by HeHe wants the package you choose or design to reflective of your ideal birth and the support you desire. 

We serve families in the Greater Boston area including, but not limited to Arlington, Belmont, Burlington, Brookline, Cambridge, Framingham, Medford, Natick, Needham, Newton, Norwood, Quincy, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown, Wellesley, Weston, Westwood, and Woburn. For those outside of this service area, we offer exclusive virtual support!

SPECIAL SUPPORT: All TBHbirthing clients will have the opportunity to join an exclusive Tranquility Tribe Facebook Group to connect with other pampered parents. This is a safe space to discuss all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum, babies, parenthood, and early childhood years. We're all in this together- join our community today! 

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New Parent Online Support

Tranquil Experiences

Maternity Concierge

This package is a for parents who like to indulge in the finer things of life and are looking for a one-stop-shop of all things birth. This package is designed to take care of all "extraneous" things that are "a huge time suck" of pregnancy and birth so you can maintain a healthy work-life balance. This package will include discussing all birthing options as well as preparation for your birthing experience and getting your home ready to bring home your little one. At the end of the prenatal sessions, you will feel confident and prepared to advocate for yourself, know what to expect, and make informed decisions during your labor and delivery. Birthing parent will have 24 hours phone and email support prenatally. This package includes virtual labor and birth support as well as concierge services prenatally such as information on best baby products, preparing your nursery, creating your baby registry, and planning baby showers.  

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Package 1 - Birth Only

This package is a birth only package and is perfect for expectant parents who believe they have birth knowledge already, but would like techniques to cope including partner support, birthing positions, pain management skills, and the support of a doula at their birth. Birthing parent will have 24 hours phone and email support both, prenatally and postpartum. This package includes labor and birth support to make labor a spa-like experience.  

  • Electronic Creation of Birth Plan
  • Phone support as desired 
  • 24 hour support once labor begins

Package 2 - Education Only (Virtual Package)

This package is focused on education and is perfect for parents who believe they have birth support already, but would like techniques to cope with childbirth including partner support, birthing positions, and pain management skills. Birthing parent will have emotional and physical support both, prenatally and postpartum, but will rely on their birthing partner during birth. This package includes the creation of a birth plan and education of birth support to make labor a spa-like experience.  

  • (4) Prenatal visits 
  • Phone support as desired  
  • (1) Postpartum visit focusing on breastfeeding and Pelvic Floor education

Package 3 - Supportive Spa

This package is the total supportive, spa-like birthing package. Parents will have emotional and physical support prenatally, during labor, and postpartum, including the creation of a birth plan and education. This package will teach coping skills, pain management techniques, and birthing positions and include holistic herbalism restoration.   

  • (3) Prenatal visits 
  • Phone support as desired  
  • 24 hour support once labors begins  
  • Restorative holistic herbalism
  • (1) general Postpartum visit 
  • (1) Postpartum visit focusing on breastfeeding and pelvic floor education
  • (1) Prenatal or Postpartum massage with Zen Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork   

Package 4 - Ultimate Spa

This is the ultimate spa-like birthing package for Parents. Parents-to-be will be encouraged to focus on self-care and relaxation with the help of bodyworks and holistic herbalism approaches led by their doula. This package includes the creation of a birth plan and education about coping skills, pain management techniques, and birthing positions. This package is for the birthing parent who desires to be connected to their body and baby throughout pregnancy.  

Virtual Support

We believe that our support shouldn't be limited by location. We offer virtual support to clients who desire to experience the exclusive support of Tranquility by HeHe, but do not live within driving distance. Online prenatal sessions will teach your birth partner how to be of best support to you during all stages of labor. It will teach coping techniques and explore the options you have when preparing for the birth you want. 

This package offers the same experience as the Education Only package. Creating a birth plan is optional. 

Tranquil Services

Spinning Babies

Boston Birth Support

Spinning babies is a program designed to ease childbirth with fetal positioning. It focuses on 3 principles of Optimal Positioning: Balance, Gravity, and Movement. This is a new approach using anatomy and physiology with traditional techniques to reduce the need for surgical interventions specifically with breech babies. Let Tranquility by HeHe help you make more room for baby so you (and baby) can be more comfortable, sleep better, and prepare your body for a gentle birth. 

Holistic Herbalism

Boston Herbalism Herbalist

Explore our Recovery Baths for postpartum healing and perineal soreness, herbal compresses, plus teas for prenatal period and postpartum period. All herbalism products are made out of organic herbs and salts. Essential oils will play a vital role in ensuring your birth and labor is a spa-like experience. 

Pelvic Floor

Boston Pelvic Floor Specialist

Let Tranquility by HeHe help educate and assist you with stretches and exercises that can help prepare your Pelvic Floor for birth. Find comfort in Postpartum support to help heal and strengthen your Pelvic Floor in recovery of your birth. HeHe believes every birthing parent, before and after birth, deserves quality education and focus on their Pelvic Floor for issues such as painful intercourse, stress incontinence, Diastasis Recti, Pubic Sympysis, and weakness/tightness of the Pelvic Floor. 

Thai Massage Techniques

Boston Birth Doula

Let this ancient healing system comprised of accupressure, aromatherapy, and assisted yoga positions bring relaxation and pain relief to you during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Self-care starts with balancing your body and mind with relaxation to be connected to your baby. 

Rebozo Techniques

Boston Natural Childbirth

The Rebozo has many uses during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Let Tranquility by HeHe show you creative ways to use a rebozo to ease the weight of your pregnancy, relieve labor pains, assist during the second stage of labor ("pushing stage"), and wear your baby after birth. 


Boston Doula

How often do you feed a newborn? How much? What is the correct latch? How do you know if you're producing enough milk? Can you have a drink? Should you be alternating breasts? Is breastfeeding right for you? Are you over or under producing? Why is breastfeeding painful? We understand not all families choose to breastfeed. Let Tranquility by HeHe help with all your general breastfeeding, chestfeeding, lactation, and feeding needs. 

Individual Services and Gifts Certificates

Services do not have to be in conjunction with a purchased package. Individual services are available upon request. We also offer gift certificates for parents-to-be. Gift certificates can be for birth or postpartum support. 

For more information, contact us at  

Disclaimer: HeHe is not a CLC, IBCLC, Massage Therapist or Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and will refer you to a list of trusted practitioners if your needs extend beyond general knowledge. 

Our Lending Library


Borrow, Return, Donate

We try to make your experience with us unique and as comprehensive to your needs as possible! One way we achieve this is to provide our expectant families with reading resources right at their fingertips. We have copies of numerous, commonly requested and suggested books. We have books for birthing parents, books for partners, and books on topics such as infertility, childbirth methods, evidence-based options, natural childbirth, healthy eating during pregnancy, preparing your body and mind for childbirth, mindfulness, sleep, breastfeeding, and comic relief. If you are thinking of exploring a book, inquire if we have a copy to loan out. When you're finished, simply return the book to us. We love to have books donated to our ever growing library, too!  

Ask us about our Recommended Reading List! 


Payment Plans available

Deposit is due when contract is signed. Payment is due in full one-month prior to Expected Due Date. 

Needs based payment plans are available upon request.  


If payment is made in one, total payment, a 5% discount will be applicable. 

If payment is made in one, total cash payment, a 10% discount will be applicable   


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