Community Resources

If you need a specific resource, please reach out. These lists contain the resources I most commonly recommend and practitioners I most commonly refer to. I am happy to help you find resources closer to home, matching your specific needs, and that best fit your family.  

Click on your desired provider to visit their website. 

Tips from HeHe

Holiday Travel Guide

Tips and Tricks to make traveling for the holidays with a newborn a breeze! 

Fourth Trimester Checklist

A checklist of postpartum items needed to prepare for the Fourth Trimester.

One-Handed Snacks for On-The-Go Parents

Watching what you snack on during the holidays? Preparing for a New Year's Resolution? These are one-handed snacks that are healthy and easy plus a bonus!

8 Interview Questions for your Doula

These 8 questions can help you narrow down your search to find the perfect match! Your birth team should be filled with people that will be in your village and support your choices. 

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Community Practitioners

Boston Spa Birth


Boston Birth

Chiropractic Care

Boston Doula

Mental Health Clinicians

Boston Childbirth

Obstetricians (Specialists)

  • Breech
    • Dr. Beth Hardiman, Mt. Auburn 
    • Malcolm McKenzie, Mt. Auburn
    • Dr. Stephanie Koontz, Mt. Auburn 
    • Dr. Todd Shapiro, Beth Israel
    • Dr. Arthur Spector, Cambridge Hospital 
  • Twin
    • Dr. Steven Ralston, Beth Israel 
    • Dr. Tracy Zinner, Brigham and Women's Hospital 

Boston Doula

Placenta Encapsulation

Childbirth in Boston

Postpartum Doulas

Boston Childbirth

Support Groups - Moms and Identifying Parents


If you are a local resource or practitioner serving expectant parents in Boston and would like to be included on this list, please email us your name, services, and contact information.